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Quantity Time In Sedona, Arizona

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Cathedral Rock, Sedona AZ.jpgThis past weekend my wife, Chris and I had the opportunity to visit senic Sedona, Arizona, while conducting business at Arizona State University and with The Rich Dad Company. What a restorative time we had. My mind has been buzzing with many insights from this recent trip. However the most important insight that I would like to share with you, my blog readers, is the power of Quantity time. (Note I said QUANTITY time, not quality time.)

There is absolutely no doubt that Chris and I took our relationship to a whole new level directly in part to the amount of quantity time we just spent together. 4 solid days of just us. It was so powerful and restorative. Give it a try sometime.

You see, when it comes to time & relationship management we have it all wrong! How many times have you tried to “schedule” some quality time with your spouse or friend?  You say- “Hey honey, how about we have some quality time this weekend.” And then it never happens. Why? Because you are going about it in the wrong way.

You can’t schedule/create/or manufacture quality time. The fundamental fact is that quality time only arises from quantity time. That’s right- Quality time is a byproduct of Quantity time. Think about it. Recall the last road trip/car ride that you took with a friend. Remember how much fun you had. Remember all of the great memories. You experienced Quality time… but the reason why is because you had a Quantity amount of time together. Am I starting to make some sense?

You see we, particularly in western culture, have it all backwards. Most people have Quantity time at work and try to squeeze in quality time at home. When in fact you cannot do this. What is the solution? What is the secret? Here it is…

Quality time at work. Quantity time at home. In other words, focus on results at work (quality) not time. Get in, get focused and get your job done. Then GO HOME! Stop hanging around your office wasting time because you “have to” be there. Know what your outcome is. Focus on the result, get it done and then GO HOME!

With more time at home….quality time with your family will magically appear for you. Your life will transform. Don’t take my word for it, try this yourself.

Action: Take a People Day (a 6-12 hour block of time focused on one person/relationship)

Good luck and enjoy the renewal of that relationship.

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