The Oscar Goes To… Anthony D’Angelo, Hell’s Half Acre

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Okay...let me be the first to say that I am a little embarrassed by something I did a few years ago. I was in a movie. (No- not THAT kind of movie!) Two of my filmmaker friends Scott Krycia & Sean Tiedeman of KStudios of Allentown, PA ( where on a quest to fulfill one of their lifetime ambitions which was to write, direct and produce their own independent horror film called Hell’s Half Acre. Being a person who is all about supporting people to achieve their goals, especially my friends, how could I possibly say no to Scott & Sean.

The conversation kinda went like this:

Hells Half Acre Sign.jpgScott & Sean: “Hey Tony we are working on a new movie called Hell’s Half Acre and we would love to have you make a cameo in it.”

Tony: “Okay what do you need me to do?”

Sean: “We are making a cool, but campy slasher movie in which the bad guy goes around the town killing everyone. Pretty original right? Well Tony we would like you to play the part of “Pastor Casillo”. Pastor Casillo is the town preacher. A kinda over-the-top televangelist guy who is a mix between Oral Roberts, Tony Robbins and that southern guy name Joel something who smiles a lot. The scene that you would be in would basically consist of you holding a prayer rally for the people of the town, telling them not to fear the bad guy named Derek.”

Tony: “Okay…but what I’m I supposed to do? What should I say? Can I see the script?”

Scott: “Well we don’t think you need a script. Just be yourself.”

Tony’s thoughts: Needless to say I was not flattered!

Sean: “Oh, and there just one other thing… you are also going to get shot at the end of the scene.”

Tony: “How?”

Scott: “With a shot gun.”

Tony: “Where?”

Sean & Scott in unison: “Right in the head.”

Tony: “Cool! This sounds like fun! Let’s do it!”

That conversation took place about 3 years ago. Then yesterday I received a package in the mail. When I opened it I found a DVD wrapped in shrink wrap with a gruesome picture of the bad dude Derek on the cover pointing a shot guy at me. (Just how I remembered him before he shot me in the movie!)

I popped the movie into my laptop and watched the movie with delight. As the critics say- “It is an insanely fun non-stop cheese ride!” I could not stop laughing throughout the movie. If you want to see the trailer of the movie go to: Once you watch the trailer be certain to order your own copy so you can watch yours truly take a shot in the head- it is a steal at only $11.99 a copy! Not only will you laugh your ass off, but more so you will be supporting two of my friends who made their vision a reality. Buy the movie today! 


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