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The Power Of A Peace Day

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In an effort to increase the quality of my life both personally and professionally I have been developing a new time system for the 21st century. I call this new time system The Time EmPowerment System. The Time EmPowerment System has become my own personal hybrid of many time management systems which I have studied and applied to both my life as well as my business. Many have influenced my system including, Stephen Covey- First Things First, Tony Robbins-OPA/RPG System, Dan Sullivan’s Entrepreneurial Time System as well as time systems developed by Brian Tracy. I owe a great deal of gratitude to each of these pioneers whose insights have contributed to the time system which I have developed.


There are four foundational days to The Time EmPowerment System. They are as follows- Peace Days, People Days, Performance Days and Preparation Days. Each day has a specific focus and purpose. I will share more about each type of day in future entries. For now I just want to express to you the power of what I call a Peace Day.

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A Peace Day is a 24 hour block of time in which you do no work related activities. No email, no business phone calls, no meetings, no projects, no cell phone, no journal reading and yes even no blogging. The purpose of a Peace Day is just that… Peace. The ground rule for a Peace Day is to engage only in activities, relationships and experiences which rejuvenate, refresh and recharge you. I will expand on the Peace Day concept in future entries.  But for now, I am making this entry on a Performance Day as I prepare for an enjoyable string of Peace Days at our family retreat home at Lake Naomi. 


Next time I will explain what I mean by the Entrepreneurial Insight… If you want to increase your productivity take more Peace Time, until then… take more Peace Time.


The Purpose of This Blog

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The purpose of this blog is to offer my clients, students, colleagues, family and friends an opportunity to learn from my philosophy of experimental living. As a result of this blog it is my intention to help people experience

more Health, more Wealth, more Love and more Time to enjoy them all.


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